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Dive Right - Coron, PADI Dive Center S-6121

The first PADI Dive Center in Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

Mark J. Bush

You loved us on Boracay! As Dive Right - Boracay we taught you how to dive and we took you on dives. However, we always felt limited in what we could show you underwater around Boracay. Boracay has too many fishermen, too few fish. The answer! Dive Right - Coron! Now you have your choice of 10 wrecks within 1 1/2 hours of a PADI Dive Center.

We made our first dive trip on 17 November as Dive Right - Coron. 11 days later we proudly added PADI Dive Center S-6121 to our name. On 28 November, PADI Asia Pacific recognized our commitment to quality education and our high standards with the award of the coveted title of PADI Dive Center.

Knowing we would be hosting more advanced divers down to 35 and 40 meters every day, we outfitted Dive Right - Coron with Zeagle's Technically Excellent, High Performance regulators and weight integrated, back inflate BCDs.

And since nothing makes a dive better than what you can see, we use Ikelite's 18 Watt RCD-HR diving lights with rechargeable Ni-Cads as our primary lights and restrict 5 watt lights to a back-up role.

Dive Right - Coron, like Dive Right - Boracay, offers you the choice of diving in 80 or 100 cubic foot tanks. If you normally use up your air quicker than other divers please have a chat with one of our instructors. If you want to make a longer multi-level dive or know you'll be diving in a current you might want the larger tank.

A description of our diving can be found in our web page: http://www2.mozcom.com/~diving

Why should I come to Coron for diving?

Mark J. Bush


I can give you 12 good reasons for coming to Dive Right - Coron for your next diving outing:

Irako, Akitsushima, Taiei Maru, Kogyo Maru, Olympia Maru, Morazan Maru, The gunboat at Lusong Island, The gunboat east of Sangat Island, The skeleton wreck, The fishing boat, Kyokuzan Maru, and Nanshin Maru (the wreck at Black Island). 10 Japanese naval auxilliary ships from World War II and 2 large fishing boats of more recent vintage.

All of these wrecks are at diveable depths. The deepest of these is Irako which is 42 meters on the bottom but can be dived at 35 to 36 meters on the deck. This wreck has been called the best wreck dive in the Philippines.

At Dive Right - Boracay we leave the beach and after a boat ride of 10 to 15 minutes we're at the dive site. After one dive we return to the dive shop. You don't sit on the boat very long. At Dive Right - Coron the large wrecks are located one hour to 1 1/2 hours from the dive shop. We leave at 9:30 AM and return around 4:30 PM after two or three dives. When we dive out of Coron you are on the dive boat all day. A good boat is important.

We are currently rebuilding an ex-dynamite fishing boat into our wreck diving boat. What a change! From a fishing boat practicing destruction of the marine environment and a danger to its' crew, we are converting it into the largest, fastest, most comfortable dive boat in Coron.

An encouraging note: The dynamite fisherman was put out of business by the Coast Guard and all of the speed designed into this boat didn't stop it from happening.

Wreck divers who made the decision to "Dive Right" on 17 Nov 1997.

How do I get to Coron?


Most people aren't aware that Coron is served by three flights from Manila every day. You can fly to the YKR airport on Busuanga Island and travel easily to Coron.


Air Ads leaves Manila first at 7:30 AM.

Pacific Air follows at 8:00 AM.

Asian Spirit has a flight at 2:20 PM.


Every scheduled flight is met by a jeepney for the 75 peso, 40 minute ride into Coron.



MBRS Lines has the nicest boat traveling from Manila to Coron. The M/V Salve Juliana leaves Manila's North Harbor, Pier 8 every Monday at 2:00 PM. The trip takes about 16 hours so expect to arrive at 6:30 on Tuesday morning. Ordinary, air-conditioned and cabin accommodations are available. Most people don't know that the telephone number for MBRS Lines reservations is 921-6716 or 6721.


San Nicholas Lines operates much smaller and slower boats from a pier at North Harbor which is to the left of and behind Pier 2. Call 243-4595 or 4596 for scheduling information for trips to Coron.


Viva Lines operates similar small and slow boats from Batangas to Coron.

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