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Dive Right-Coron receives groups of divers from all over the world who come to Coron to dive on the eleven World War II Japanese wrecks. When you contact us we naturally assume that you also want to go wreck diving. We have the usual coral reefs and coral walls found in most tropical oceans. However, our largest dive boat usually goes out for wreck diving.

In Coron we have some wreck dives for every diver. Having said that, it is also true that we have dives requiring more training and experience. Please tell us a little about yourself and your diving history.

If you are contacting Dive Right on behalf of your diving club or a group of divers please let us know about your group's plans by using the comments section at the bottom of the form.

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4 in O/W course
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What is your experience with wreck diving?
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I've done some light zone swim throughs
I've made technical penetrations

How about wreck or specialty diver training?
Deep Diver
Nitrox Diver
Wreck Diver Specialty
Technical Wreck

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Travel to Coron by Air
Travel to Coron by Ship
Airport Transfer
Lodging in Manila
Lodging in Coron
Diving Licenses
Wreck Diving
Nitrox diving
Technical Diving
Money Changing
Coron Nightlife
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Health Matters in Coron
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