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Welcome to PADI Dive Center and TDI Facility,
Dive Right-Coron.
This shop has been closed for some time and the site is left up for information purposes only. For current info go to Philippine Diving

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Dive Right-Coron is your scuba diving, wreck diving, nitrox diving, and technical diving center with access to 12 shipwrecks, coral reefs, coral walls, 2 geothermal hot lakes and 3 caves. The 11 Japanese World War 2 shipwrecks in Coron Bay are the only one of the three world-class diving destinations in the Philippines that can be dived year round. For a world-class tropical scuba diving destination with wreck diving, nitrox diving and technical diving visit Dive Right-Coron.

Map of the Republic of the Philippines showing Manila, Coron, and Cebu

Dive Right-Coron is located 250 km south-southwest of Manila in Coron Town, on Busuanga Island, in the Calamian Island Group, north of Palawan Island, in the Republic of the Philippines. Coron is easily reached by daily morning and afternoon one-hour flights from Manila or by overnight ship from Manila.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: The political and reigious trouble in the extreme Southern Philippines on the islands of Jolo, Tawi Tawi, and Sulu which are next to Malaysia is 700 km away from Coron. It has had no effect on life in a small town like Coron or diving on the eleven Japanese World War Two wrecks. All we know is what we have seen on local news, CNN and BBC.

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See 10 wreck pictures and a Coron Bay wreck diving site map below. These wrecks are now artificial reefs teeming with hard and soft coral and marine life. Sunk at anchor, you can dive the deck of our deepest wreck at 36 meters. For serious wreck divers our "interesting" dives are penetrations into the wrecks done at 24 to 43 meters depth. You should read, "Wreck Diving with Dive Right-Coron" to understand how everyone can dive the wrecks of Coron Bay.

Most people and many divers have misconceptions about wreck diving and nitrox diving. Nitrox is NOT used as a gas for deep diving! Nitrox extends your bottom time when you are diving a horizontal dive site like a wreck. If you can't make a multi-level dive nitrox lets you stay at one depth longer than on air.

In cooperation with most local resorts, Dive Right-Coron offers a great variety of complete travel, transfer, lodging, meals and diving packages. We don't own rooms or a resort so we can steer you into the bet lodging for your taste, budget and preference.

Check our $88/Day "Beach Resort, Two-Dive, and Full-Meals Package"

and our $64/Day "Best Value Two-Dive, Air-conditioned Room and Full-Meals Package"

and our $46/Day "Most Economical Two-Dive and lodging package" for Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

"Dive Right, The Right Way to Scuba Dive in the Philippines."

"Friendly Staff, Personal Attention, Professional Service."

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Steve Kramer's photos of Coron Town and the wrecks.

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Dive Right's WebPages contain complete and accurate information regularly and personally updated as there are changes in travel schedules, lodging information or contact information. While we offer complete travel, lodging and diving packages you can travel easily off of the information contained here or arrange your own package using the contact information we have provided. The price will be the same as if we had arranged it for you. Other dive shops have plagiarized our outdated information and haven't updated it since it has changed.

 Dive Right - Coron

View of Coron town and Coron Bay showing the position of PADI Dive Center, Dive Right - Coron.. .Dive Right - Coron shop and staff in Coron, Busuanga island, Palawan, Philippines.

Dive Right - Coron exists for scuba diving on 11 sunken ships of the Japanese WWII supply fleet. Caught by surprise, these ships were sunk at anchor at depths of 10 to 43 meters. Eight of these ships are in Coron Bay, an hour boat ride from Dive Right - Coron.

Designated as National Historical Sites, the wrecks are surrounded by Japanese owned cultured pearl farms. The security guards at the pearl farms protect the wrecks from Filipino fishermen. The wrecks are alive with soft and hard corals and teeming with marine life.

scuba diving and wreck diving sites in Coron Bay, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines

While diving the wrecks you can live in Coron town in your choice of air-conditioned hotel, economy lodging, or beach resort and ride to the wrecks in one hour on our 19-meter dive boat.


2 dives with tanks and weights; twin-shared air-conditioned room w/private bathroom; all 3 meals for $64 each diver per day !

Private occupancy of air-conditioned room w/private bath add $8.
For renting a full set of Zeagle diving equipment add $5/day.
A non-diver on a twin-share basis pays only $25. This includes room, meals and snorkeling from the dive boat.

Please bring an extra $9 for a souvenir "Dive Right 6 Wreck T-shirt" made by Ocean Shirts.

With this package we offer an option for domestic flight reservations, ground transfers, and overnight lodging in Manila if required.


2 dives with tanks and weights; twin-shared fan-cooled room with private bathroom for $46 each diver per day !

Private occupancy of a fan-cooled room w/private bath add $2.
For renting a full set of Zeagle diving equipment add $5/day.
A non-diver on a twin-share basis pays only $8. This includes room and snorkeling from the dive boat.
Cooked lunch on the dive boat costs $4 per person or bring your own sandwich.

In the spirit of economy we suggest that you check out how to travel to Coron by ship or we can advise you on a travel agent to make your domestic flight reservations. There are many inexpensive pensionnes for lodging in Manila if required.


2 dives with tanks and weights; twin-shared fan-cooled beach front cottage with private bathroom for $89 eacch diver per day !

Scuba diving on Japanese wrecks in Coron Bay, Palawan, Philippines..Diving in Coron Bay

Wreck Diving Heaven! These wrecks have something for every diver. Novices swim on the outside enjoying the wreck structure, fish and corals. Those with the Wreck Diver certification enjoy swim throughs from light zone to light zone. Experienced Wreck Divers with proper training and equipment do serious penetrations.

These wrecks beg for a 50% increase in bottom time by using NITROX.instead of air. Becoming popular with recreational divers over the last 5 years, you too can experience the benefits of NITROX. Take the first step into Technical Diving with the PADI NITROX.Diver specialty course and make your two dives on the wrecks. Get the NITROX.advantage enjoyed by scientific, technical and military divers for the last 20 years.

Dive in ZEAGLE's Tech, Tech-Pac or Ranger weight integrated, back inflate BCDs. Experience the comfort of diving without a weight belt. The deeper you go the better it feels! At depth it's like you're not even wearing a BCD.

Big 3,050 liter/100 ft3 tanks available in air for all BIG divers or heavy breathers. Extend your bottom time, prolong your pleasure!

We have double aluminum 80s and double aluminum 100s for air and for NITROX.on twin manifolds with isolation for technical diving. Use your BCD or use our Zeagle Tech Pacs.

Premium high performance Zeagle Z-US4/Apeks T-20 regulators with high flow balanced diaphragm1st stage and pneumatically balanced 2nd stage, and adjustable venturi assistance for effortless breathing at depth. We're a PADI Dive Center so all the regulator sets have an alternate air source and metric gauge consoles.

Fall in love with night diving! Bright 19 and 25 watt Ikelite diving lights with rechargeable industrial Ni-Cad batteries turn night into day. At Dive Right the other dive shop's primary 5 or 7 watt light is our backup light.

Experience Underwater Photography with the Ikelite Auto 35 and save your memories for a lifetime. Great photos at less than $1 a shot! Macro Lens and Framer available for close-ups. Underwater Strobe (flash) available.

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